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Founder & CEO | Fatima Brown


Founder & CEO

Fatima Brown

+17 years, experienced execution leader. Formerly, COO & enterprise technology program lead across Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, BNY Mellon

Fatima is also a social scientist. She leverages the knowledge acquired during her Master's degree program in organizational psychology (with a focus on systems thinking) at Columbia University as well as her Bachelor's degree magna cum laude in sociology, awarded with highest honors and the NYU Founders’ Day Award to create artificial intelligence systems that are more accurate and trustworthy. Fatima is a 2023 Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Scholar.

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Our Story

Experienced, Inspired, Empathetic

In response to a growing frustration with the lack of diverse participation in knowledge representation discourse as well as the narrow scope of focus and unfulfilled promises of mainstream AI, Fatima founded Reclassify AI to help companies develop semantic data platforms that allow them to better leverage AI solutions in a more accurate and reusable fashion. Part of that solution involves opening the doors to under-represented groups in order to utilize that talent pool more effectively and address some of the accuracy, bias, and transparency issues that currently plague AI.

Leveraging her 19+ years of broad business experience, which includes driving enterprise-scale technology initiatives at Credit Suisse, JP Morgan and BNY Mellon, Fatima has positioned Reclassify to deliver technology solutions that are relevant, responsive and sustaining to the global community.

Our Mission & Vision

At Reclassify, we embrace that the future of Artificial Intelligence is dependent upon our ability to extract the knowledge that is encoded in the diversity of human interaction. 


Through our business engagement model, we are able to harness the power of diverse teams to amplify machine intelligence operations for our clients, yielding unmatched results across industries and contributing to richer knowledge representation models. 

At Reclassify, we provide the platform and tools to enable our team to unleash their unique brilliance. Our team includes junior technologists as well as seasoned and esteemed business and technical leaders who are passionate about solving interesting business problems while collaborating with client teams. Moreover, through our innovative ReMix Studio internship program we will inspire the next generation of technology professionals and entrepreneurs. We believe technology is for everyone and eagerly invest in members of our community who have a passion and curiosity for the space!

Advisory Board

AI as currently practiced falls short for a few reasons. A lack of a shared conceptual framework makes it harder to create and reuse solutions. A lack of diversity results in deficient models and a failure to focus on the salient problems. Reclassify AI seeks to change that and that's why I'm excited they have entered the market.

Michael Pool, Expert Ontologist

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Yi Wang, Engineering Advisor

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[Re]mix Studio


Innovative year-round paid internship program that provides high school and university students from diverse backgrounds exposure to technology careers and the option to mature their own semantic technology innovations.

Intern Benefits:

  • Paid hourly wages

  • Integration as team members to solve meaningful business problems

  • Coaching and skills development from diverse senior professionals

  • Access to all of our resources to test their own ideas and the support to create a business case

To be eligible for consideration applicants must:

  • be a New York State resident for 12 months prior to applying

  • be enrolled as a full-time student at an approved academic institution in New York State and meet specific academic standards


The application for the upcoming internship semester will be posted shortly.
If you or your organization are interested in supporting our internship initiative, please contact us.

This internship helped me learn what I am capable of. I am able to do things now that I wasn't able to do 6 weeks ago. The projects were definitely challenging but I was able to solve each challenge by testing my own logic and using a little help from various resources. Not only did I learn to code in Python, I also created a user interface, performed debugging and user testing.

Natalie, High School Sophomore -  Summer Internship 2020

Remix Studio
Computer Learning

Celebrating Our Summer  Intern and Analyst Cohort!

We cannot be more proud of our youth for showing a tremendous amount of curiosity and tenacity to drive delivery of their very first software product, a semantic-AI stock analysis tool.


Our goal with Remix Studio is to provide local high school and college students with the coaching and resources to see and truly believe themselves to be the next generation of innovators and implementers of tech. They took up the challenge of learning about financial instruments, data normalization, semantic modeling, knowledge graph ETL (Stardog) and Bayesian belief networks. Their work culminated in the delivery of a live demo and white paper to an audience of senior professionals across financial services, big tech, NGO and education. 


It has been a pleasure to watch them grow and we are excited for the future they will build!

#semanticweb #knowledgegraph #datascience #data #ai #machinelearning #nasdaq #nyse #etfs #dowjones #sp500

Summer 2021 Intern Cohort

A Winning Combination of Values

In concert with our business values, we invite Reclassifiers to bring their authentic selves to our table. We value their brilliance, unique backgrounds, and diverse points of view.


This blend shapes our engagements and the result is more effective AI solutions.

Business People Mingling

Value 01.


Semantic approach ensures solution reusability. 

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