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Unlock Hidden Value in Your Data.

 Our Consulting Practice

Data Strategy

We help your firm commoditize its data and effectively leverage it to maximize insights. Key to Reclassify's approach is the provision of a framework within which to align and standardize your data to more effectively govern and re-use it. Our framework semantically aligns and integrates your data, thereby simplifying the task of data wrangling and enhancing its utility in gaining insights from the data. As importantly, we provide a tooling to reintegrate your learnings into the data environment and achieve a framework within which creating a Machine Learning solution is close to push-button.

Knowledge Graph

We have expert experience designing and deploying Knowledge Graph platforms to business units and for enterprise scale. Knowledge graphs are the key to breaking down data silos. With a knowledge graph, firms can easily connect their data, manually or virtually, explore connections that had previously gone unseen, providing a reusable dataset that lays the foundation for performing Machine Learning tasks. Additionally, a knowledge graph provides an effective tool for doing graph analysis, detecting clusters, understanding centrality and links that had been heretofore unseen. An important side benefit is that it offers a way to visualize one's data to help practitioners across the firm quickly find answers and understand connections.

Semantic Modeling

Reclassify's approach to data modeling focuses on articulating the complete meaning of data concepts and their relations in a machine readable way. Most data models focus on pragmatics of a localized application of data, but a semantic model attempts to articulate the real meaning of the data. This provides an approach for data integration across the diversity of databases that a firm may be trying to leverage as well as a common platform within which to link glossaries, conceptual, logical and physical models and the conceptual framework for handling unstructured data. Semantic models are the key to ensuring that Reclassify's work gives your organization a key to unlock insights from your data going forward.

Operational Optimization and Transformation:

Reclassify experts know first hand what works and what doesn’t work for operationalizing data transformation. While our strategies are tailored to our clients’ unique business needs, clients can feel confident that our recommendations have been successfully tested broadly, from small institutions to fortune 500 firms. Our cornerstones for operational excellence are Adaptability, Flexibility, Resiliency and Measurement.

  • Program Delivery Management - Proven frameworks to prepare your business for software delivery and business alignment, including reporting metrics.

  • Customer Experience Design - Integrate customer experience and design thinking with best-in-class software, increasing service responsiveness and optimizing the value chain. 

  • Automation - Through automation tools, streamlining tactical services to free both human and systems resources for strategic focus.

  • Systems Integration - Partner with your business, operations and technology stakeholders to assess the current state of your data intelligence systems, alignment with strategic goals and identify opportunities for optimization.

Advisory Practice
Semantic Modeling
Knowledge Graph

Our Client Engagement Process

Leveraging semantic modeling expertise, industry experience and fit-for-purpose tools, we can help you plan a data intelligence strategy that builds on the unique strengths and expertise of your business
Business Consultation

Our Competitive Advantage

Our cultural and intellectual diversity, paired with our broad business expertise solving diverse data challenges, gives us a unique perspective that we bring to every client relationship. We help you see the world differently, discover new opportunities and operationalize towards achieving your business goals.



Align priority data intelligence investments on a strategic roadmap



Solution architecture to position your data & technical stack for scale



Equip your people to work smarter 



Establish a framework for trustworthy, explainable and responsible data management and service

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