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Enabling Smarter Machines

The Future of Decision Making: Human-Powered AI

We use human expertise and advanced technologies to extract truth from data and enforce truth in AI systems.

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Trustworthy, Real-Time Intelligence for Your Most Pressing Decisions

Your data is your most valuable asset. Usher in your next evolution of data intelligence with our team of Semantic AI experts who will design and deploy semantic networks of your data and innovative reasoning systems, revealing unforseen insights. 


By harnessing the power of interdisciplinary teams, we build best-in-class reusable data frameworks that scale across the enterprise and our packaged data analytic solutions emphasize the intersection of social behavior and computational systems. 


Our solutions  facilitate semantics in a machine learning environment and are designed to help clients reshape their internal data intelligence culture and tooling, resulting in a more effective and efficient data management ecosystem. 

Semantic Networks & Advanced Analytics

We build sophisticated semantic models (ontologies) to help you contextualize your data and we apply machine learning to detect patterns and perform prediction.

Knowledge Graph

Our unique approach leverages knowledge graphs to harmonize semantics with machine learning.

Data Strategy &  Governance

We connect your data and your people through proven frameworks to increase data accuracy and accelerate adoption within your organization.

Workforce Development

Our practioner focused programs are designed to enable your folks to deliver impact to your organization on day one.

Fragile and Brittle Systems
  • Poor/limited contextualization of information 

    • Lack of comprehensive semantic approach 

    • Insufficient data models 

    • Ineffective model governance

Adoption and Scale Stalemate 
  • Insufficient data strategy and governance 

    • Unclear business case 

    • Insufficient and siloed data

    • Sparse execution expertise

Lack of Trust
  • Hidden bias in data and people

    • Inadequate training of models 

    • Opaqueness of algorithms

    • Predilection for the status quo in model development and in knowledge representation 

Pain Points We Address

The Unique Value of
Semantic Networks

Contextualize Data

Semantic networks have the power to reveal relationships embedded within your data. This is achieved by expert Ontologists who architect sophisticated knowledge models by partnering with your subject matter experts to understand and express concepts within the context of the full body of knowledge and your specific use cases. This is important because unlike traditional data structures, semantic networks enable systems to automate data discovery, infer new knowledge and reason about your data. ​

Semantic Networks

Expertise You Can Trust

What's the Re in Reclassify?​

  • Semantic machine intelligence

  • Implementors not just facilitators

  • Diversity of thought is at the table

  • Engender a culture of transparency

  • Commitment to community, fostering new semantic AI enthusiasts

Our interdisciplinary team of experts have delivered within some of the most challenging and technically complex environments across business and government. Our expertise in AI disciplines includes: Semantic Modeling, Machine Reasoning, Deep-learning, Perception and Planning, as well as the design and deployment of unit and enterprise Knowledge Graph platforms. ​

Women Colleagues

Do you need a semantic AI solution? 

Ready to do data differently?

We are an interdisciplinary team and have experience working with large organizations across industries and have helped clients transform their operations and implement new data strategies.

Contact us to explore your specific use cases.

Use Cases

Attractive Mature Woman

Changing the Conversation and Leaving our Mark on the World

"What we need to think about is how technologies embed particular values and assumptions"
Lily Hu 
Harvard Magazine

Making change and adding to the discourse on AI advancement, especially as it relates to the criticality of intellectual diversity in today’s digital era. 

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